Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shut the hell up!

Stooge and Stoogess like to talk about "politics." Which means that Stoogess gets all riled up and starts using a lot of four letter words and Stooge plays along.  It goes something like this:

Stoogess:  Did you hear that that fucking idiot Rush Limbaugh called that woman a slut?

Stooge:  What woman?

Stoogess:  You know, that law student who wanted to testify about contraceptives before that Congressional committee.

Stooge:  He did?  Why?

Stoogess:  Because he's a stupid fat fucker who ought to be taken out back and horse whipped.

Stooge:  Huh.

Today this happened while I was trying to take a nap.

Earlier in the morning, I tried to wake up Stooge by putting my mousie on his pillow, but he shoved me off the bed in an unfriendly way.  So I went to small un-stooge's room and bit his toes until he got up and fed me.

It wasn't until I was about to lie down and take a well deserved nap in a patch of sunlight that those lazy stooges got up, shuffled into the livingroom carrying a couple cups of coffee, and started this claptrap.  Who the hell is Rush Limbaugh anyway?  And why is he rushing?  Especially if he is a fat fucker, as Stoogess calls him?

At any rate, here's me.  I'm yelling "shut the hell up," because it was about the stupidest conversation I've ever heard and I wanted to sleep.

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  1. Just found this informative and non biased site. Fabulously interesting observations about the fat fuck idiot guy! We be friends of Cujo and the gang and commonly refer to ourselves as the Girlies (Murphy and RubyAnn Mayer). Mistress Susan and her evil twin transcribe for us. She will be in charge of further communications. Nice to meet your acquaintances.