Monday, March 5, 2012

Brian, guess what.  Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday."  I hear ya when you say you distain politics, but yet you keep mentioning topics that are related to politics.  Duh!  Who can avoid it?  I would like to tell you about my friend, Moose J. Moose.  He is very grouchy and disgusted with human politics too.  He started his own political group called the Root Beer Party.  Super Tuesday is a big day for voting.  I recommend that you consider casting your vote for Moose J. Moose.  He thinks a stuffed monkey could do a better job at governing than most humans are doing.  (But he might not get a lot of votes because he is a Morman monkey.  I don't hold that against him because he is a critical thinker, and he calls BS on lots of stuff that he thinks is crazy shit from some other Mormans who are giving them a bad name.) 

I especially like this guy because I met him on facebook, and that was a long time ago when I saw someone had shared an article about some nutcase who was in the news because he was saying Islam is a "monkey religion."   Then I searched "monkey religion" on facebook and I discovered a FB group called the "Monkey Church."  That's how I found Moose J. Moose - because he was one of their founders and he was practicing IRONY.  (I like that in a church.)  AND he has a twin monkey AND both Moose & his twin have twin people in Salt Lake City who are very accomplished theater & film producers.  They are pretty much my favorite FB friends.  THEN one day I saw Moose J. Moose, or maybe it was his twin (Damien Grumio Aardvark), shared on FB that he liked Dole bananas.  So I "liked" Dole bananas too.  Imagine my shock when I looked at the Dole page and saw hundreds of stuffed monkeys on FB liked that page too.  Who knew?  So then I friended some of the monkeys I saw there.  One thing led to another, and pretty soon I became part of the international stuffed animal community.  (BTW, I am quite popular.) 

Now I have lots of stuffed animal friends and I got invited to TWO gatherings with my FB friends, and I am going!  (I was already planning to take a vacation to Amsterdam this spring, so it was easy to add the London party and the Copenhagen festival to my itinerary.)  So in conclusion, if you join a Morman Monkey Church, you could end up going to London and Amsterdam and Copenhagen.  It's a life changing experience, I tell ya.  That's why you should vote for Moose J. Moose on Super Tuesday!  Know what I'm sayin'?

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  1. Dexter, I don't think I want to join a church. Unless it's the Church of Brian and I get to be the deity.

    And I can't vote on Super Tuesday. I don't have a photo ID.