Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brian, guess what.  I'm totally sorry if it seemed like I was being rude by not writing in our blog this week.  I will try to be better about thinking about stuff that is worth sharing here.  I am not bailing out, man.  So please don't think I'm giving up in the blog department.
I was very busy using my computer time to look at hundreds of websites regarding my travel plans.  That's why I didn't have computer time to write in our blog these past few days.  Sorry, man.
Today I finally made several reservations for flights & hotels - and also a tour to Stonehenge.

I have come to the conclusion that it's NO WONDER why like doctors (& maybe lawyers) and other people who have "time=money type of jobs" will just say they want their travel agent to look everything up and make the best choices for them.  No kidding!  It probably took the equivalent of 2 whole work days to comparison shop online, to get the best value for the money for my spring trip to London and Amsterdam and Copenhagen.  But that's because I had the TIME to be a savvy consumer.  Because my time wasn't so valuable that I couldn't spare like about a total of maybe 15 hours, all told, to search for the best bargains.  That's why I haven't focused on the important responsibility of keeping up my end of the deal on our blog...I was trying to save a couple hundred dollars here and there, man.  (That's all the more kroners for beer, know what I'm sayin'?)

So I felt really satisified when I had completed all my research AND felt like I was totally ready to finalize all the reservations...I HAD DONE AN OUTSTANDING JOB!  Next thing you know, one of the humans (let's call him "J") was ready to have a panic attack because of all the charges that were piling up on his Visa card all at once!  Even though he is totally in agreement with the whole vacation - He actually had to leave and go take a walk to have a breather...

Hey, you work to live - NOT live to work, man.  That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.


  1. Well, look what the cat dragged in. (Bahaha. Not really. I usually drag in snakes. Or I will when I'm bigger.) Hi, Dexter, ol' chum (isn't chum some kind of worm?).

    Stoogess just read your latest post and she told me to tell you this: 1) she thinks it's utterly unfair that a stuffed monkey gets to be a world-traveler and she hasn't had a real vacation in. . . and then she trailed off and left the room; 2) she also said she wants souvenirs and lots of photos of you.

    Speaking of travel, big non-Stooge asked Stoogess the other day if we could all go to Seattle for spring vacation. He wants to go visit Archie McPhee. Dork.

    I don't like travel, myself. I get sort of freaked out and farty, even on the days Stoogess just takes me to the office. I like my domain and I don't like to leave it.

    Bug. Gotta go eat that bug. See ya, Dex.

  2. Brian looks so chilled out in his photo! Perhaps you should practice chilling out together when you get chance.